Leverage AI for resilient & sustainable supply chain networks

Our cutting-edge artificial intelligence platform tackles supply chain uncertainties and disruptions, automatically scan your distribution network, and identifies areas for improvement.

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Our innovative solutions enable your company to scan, monitor, and optimize supply chain networks and help you achieve resiliency and sustainability targets faster. We use advanced process mining algorithms to automate data processing, simulation and optimization techniques to redesign your distribution network and reduce costs and carbon footprints.

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No-code platform

Without need for programming skills or specialized knowledge, you can easily work with the platform to gain insights

Big data processing made simple

Without any limit in the format, size, source of data, you can enjoy supply chain data integration 10x faster.

Real-time insights

Without any time lag, you can monitor operations in real-time and quickly respond to changes and disruptions.

Key benefits:


Accelerating data processing


Boosting network visibility


Lowering operational expenses


Reducing carbon footprint


Enhancing service levels

Client Success Stories

Chemical & Construction Manufacturing

Accelerate Post-Merger Supply Chain Data Integration with Artificial Intelligence

A Swiss multinational chemical company acquired two medium enterprises in Japan and faced complexities and a lack of synergy in logistics and supply chain networks. The head of operations turns to Lagrange to secure successful supply chain data integration and re-configure three merged supply chain networks.

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Beverage Manufacturing

Boost Supply Chain Resilience and Sustainability with Simulation Techniques

Soaring operational costs and a lack of eco-friendly supply channels prompted an American multinational beverage company to move manufacturing back to the United States, close a factory in Singapore, and reallocate supply regionally. The supply chain director turns to Lagrange to stress test the supply chain, help minimize associated risks and maintain the service level.

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Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG)

Viable Supply Chain Redesign to Reduce Costs and Carbon Footprint

Compared to its industry peers, an American multinational Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) company rates “low market share” in Indonesia due to inefficiencies in supply chain distribution network. The Head of Supply Chain turns to Lagrange for help optimizing their warehousing and transportation operations.

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