Artificial Intelligence

Automating data processing through advanced process mining algorithms

Assuring the quality of data through machine learning

Smart diagnostics and recommendations for improvements by deep learning

Supply Chain Simulation

Creating a digital representation of your supply chain network

Developing alternative scenarios and predictive models to mitigate disruptions.

Stress-testing under different mitigation scenarios

Supply Chain Optimization

Analyzing data and identifying the best supply chain network design by advanced mathematical techniques

Balancing resiliency and sustainability targets in distribution networks

Providing a comprehensive view of the supply chain

No-code platform

Without need for programming skills or specialized knowledge, you can easily work with the platform to gain insights

Big data processing made simple

Without any limit in the format, size, source of data, you can enjoy supply chain data integration 10x faster.

Real-time insights

Without any time lag, you can monitor operations in real-time and quickly respond to changes and disruptions.